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Volume 6: Milestones

A Diamond in the Rough: Westborough's Rich & Resilient History

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Celebrating our Diamond Anniversary

The extraordinary roots of Westborough Country Club create a fascinating legacy and culture that carry the Club into present day. The Membership at Westborough has always embodied community, ingenuity, and a little bit of grit. A Diamond in the Rough: Westborough's Rich & Resilient History will feature nine issues, released month-by-month through the end of 2023. We are honored and proud to celebrate our Diamond Year and share our incredible story with those who are creating the Westborough stories of the future.

The Collection
The 75th Anniversary Collection

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Volume 1: What's Past is Prologue
Special Edition 1 Pfeffer Collection Photobook.jpg
1940s Special Edition: The Pfeffer Collection
Volume 2: Becoming
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Volume 4: The Time to Build
Volume 3: The Path to Ownership
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Volume 5: Continuing Evolution
Volume 6 Milestones Cover.jpg
Volume 6: Milestones
In the press
Snapshots Back in Time
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